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A research lab directed by Dr. Jessica Ciarla dedicated to innovating the sustainable sequin and fashion material industry by creating plant-derived materials in a colorful spectrum of embellishments for a vast customer demographic.  We envision a world where high-end brands and ethical practices can coexist by redefining what luxury fashion means.

Photo by Preston Rolls

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Museum Exhibition

Texas Science & Natural History Museum

An innovative exhibition exploring our newly developed sustainable sequins and their use across a range of artistic creations from garments to textiles, art and jewelry.

Enter a world of creation and engage with mesmerizing displays, learn about the science behind their development, and experience the captivating interplay of color, light, and artistry.


We are an interdisciplinary research team dedicated to innovating the sustainable fashion material market. We conduct research, educational, and experimental methods of practice to develop new materials and showcase creative concepts in potential fashion products.

Leading the team is Dr. Jessica Ciarla, an Associate Professor of Instruction at UT Austin who works in the Division of Textiles and Apparel. As a fashion designer and professor, she is dedicated towards finding sustainable solutions for designers by creating sequins and materials that offer an aesthetically beautiful new finish made from non-petroleum plastics.

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